A dream come true, living near the sea.

You don’t really realize the importance of the ocean until you experience it. The beauty of the landscape and the serenity that accompanies your new life by the sea has the ability to make you more aware of your duty and responsibility towards the ocean. Not everyone is equally lucky, and for many people, nature is often confined to forests, parks, and mountains.

                If you have had the opportunity to practice water sports such as diving, surely you have realized the richness of the underwater fauna, but also the threats that threaten it, including climate change or even illegal fishing. All these factors represent serious risks for the reproduction of certain aquatic species threatened with extinction in the absence of measures to protect them.

                Even if you don’t have all the necessary means to contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem, simple little gestures count. For example, you become more aware of the danger of litter on the beach and in the ocean. You can also contribute to the fight for the preservation of the environment by participating in beach cleaning campaigns. After all, this is your new home, and being able to maintain this environment will make your life much more favorable in the msmos, More info here.